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School Community Council (SCC)

The Overlake Community Council is an advisory board for the school made up of five parents, two teachers, and the principal. This group approves the school’s yearly School Improvement Plan, the Professional Development Plan, and the Walking/Safe Routing Plan. They are also responsible for the writing of the annual Trustlands Plan. This plan looks at the greatest needs of the school and then designs a plan using the funds allocated from the state to best meet those needs. The plan for this school year was written in the spring of last year. Our school received $75,000 this year from the state to implement our plan. If you would like further information about the Trust lands program you can go to www.schoollandtrust.org Our council functions using simplified Parliamentary Procedure.

Due to Web site difficulties at this time, the 2017 -2018 School Plan is located in the Important Documents Library along other required reports for School Community Council. Please follow the Important Documents ​link at the top of the page. Thank you for being patient.
Tonya McFarland 435-840-2020 Chair (Parent)  
Mamie Argyle 801-376-7096 Vice Chair (Parent)  
Jonathan Marble 435-843-3805 Principal / Director  
Suzie Petersen 435-840-1326 Secretary  
Michelle Lingenfelter   School Employee  
Camille Clegg-Patch   Parent / Licensed District Employee  
Sarah Freitas   Parent  
Holly Reutzel   Parent
Funding from Trustlands over past years.
2016 -2017   $43,000
2017 -2018   $72,000
2018 -2019   $75,000