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Leadership Matters - How to Have a Great School Year

Top 10 things to remember for a new school year: 

  1. You are not the only one who is nervous. This is especially for those new students who are going to a new school this year. There are hundreds of other students who don’t know where their classes are and struggle to open their lockers.
  2. See your counselor early. Your counselors are working right now on helping students fill their schedules. Go to the school and see if you can meet with them. Understand that you may have to wait.
  3. Excited Teachers. Your teachers are excited to see you. They have been thinking all year about how they can make their classrooms and your learning experience even better.
  4. It’s okay to make mistakes with your schedule. The first week is a challenge for everyone. The school administration and teachers understand during the first week that you may have troubles finding classes or the right route to get to your next class. Take your time and breath. We know it takes a couple of days for you to get used to things.
  5. Be prepared. Have your pencil and paper ready to learn. This is great advice every day of the year. Have your binder ready for notes and assignments.
  6. Organize early. Start organizing your classwork and homework early. Make sure you have an organizer whether in your locker or backpack where you can keep your class papers organized.
  7. Write it down. It’s easier to stay organized if you write things down. If you are feeling overwhelmed in your classes, write what’s on your mind on a piece of paper.
  8. Look good, play good. This advice was given by a coach and I think it works for school in general. If you spend time on your appearance, you will feel better about yourself. If you feel better about yourself, you will perform better in the classroom. So get up and get yourself looking good.
  9. Get a good night's sleep Students need around eight to nine hours of sleep each night. I have found that the major reason students don’t get enough sleep is because of video games, television, or cell phones. These things can be good, but they shouldn’t stop you from getting a good night’s rest. Put your phone, tablet, or game system in another room before you go to bed. You’ll see the immediate benefits of a good night’s rest.
  10. Bring on the challenge. There are many challenges coming your way this school year. Do you remember how nervous you were last year starting a new grade? Well, you did great and you overcame all the struggles of last year. This year will be the same for you. Accept each struggle as a challenge, work hard and everything will work out.

I am sure there are many other things students can do to get ready for the school year. If you have questions, talk to a parent or trusted adult. They too have lived through tough first weeks of school. Ask your teachers or the front office for help. You’ve got this! You are going to be great this school year. 

Principal Matt Parker

Grantsville Junior High School